Renter’s insurance

What Should I Consider?
You might think, "Why do I need insurance, Iím renting?" Well, even though your landlord probably has an insurance policy on your building, youíll need to protect your personal interests too. AndÖit only costs a little to protect a lot. Renterís insurance is less costly than you might think.
Things to consider:
Your Property
  • What would it cost to replace the contents in my home?
  • Do I have an inventory and photographs of my personal possessions?
  • Should I purchase flood insurance?
You and Your Guests
  • What kind of protection do I have against liability?
  • Will my guestís medical expenses be covered if they are accidentally injured in my home?
Your Coverages
  • What additional coverages are available for my personal property such as: sports equipment, electronic data processing equipment, jewelry or other valuables?
  • Iím getting married, can I get additional protections to cover wedding presents and other personal property I receive?
Your Money
  • Can I save money if I have my auto insurance with Ken Hein Insurance Agency too?
  • How can I make my home safer and possibly save money?  
Donít wait another day to get renters insurance!

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