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Small Office Insurance

How Many Clients Can You Afford to Lose?

When you run a business, time literally is money, especially if you have to temporarily shut down your professional office. Your clients depend on you to be there when they need you. If anything in your office is damaged, and you’re forced to close your doors unexpectedly, you’ll have to turn clients away. And the fact is, even if your doors are closed for a short period of time, you may lose some clients forever. That’s a cost no one wants to face.

You need someone you can depend on to help you avoid such costs – someone who is going to help you replace or repair the things that keep you in business. As an insurance professional, I think I can help you.

A Not-So-Common Insurance Policy Designed Specifically for Your Needs

The Ken Hein Insurance Agency has a business insurance policy that’s just right for your professional office. It’s called the Customizer policy because it’s tailor-made to fit your specific insurance needs. You can pick and choose the appropriate coverages, and pay only for those that you need. You can also add special coverages to protect the furniture and equipment that are unique to your office.

Service That Can Get You Back in Business

Choosing the right coverages is only the first step in creating a comprehensive insurance program. The second step is providing hassle-free, personalized claims service that responds immediately to your needs as a professional. After all, your clients are depending on you for your services. So whenever you have a claim, someone will be available to help you solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Specialists May Be Able to Prevent Disaster

You might even be able to get help before damage occurs. Certain damage can be avoided by just evaluating the building and your office, and looking for trouble spots. That’s part of my job – working in partnership with loss control safety engineering specialists to help you maintain a safe business environment.

I’m in the Neighborhood

I’d like to talk to you about your current insurance plan to see if a Customizer policy can help you manage your business more easily. I’m in your neighborhood, so I’ll be happy to stop by to talk with you at any time. Then we can evaluate your business and decide what you need, and don’t need, in an insurance policy.

Better yet, stop by my office if you’re in the neighborhood. I’ll be happy to talk with you at any time.

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