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Landlord Insurance

If Your Building Were Damaged or Destroyed, Your Rental Income Might Stop...
but Your Bills Wouldn’t

If a Tenant or Guest Were Injured on Your Property Resulting in a Lawsuit, You Might Need Coverage for Liability Damages, Defense Costs, and Medical Payments
 Have you ever wondered whether you would be able to afford the costly building repairs that follow a fire or loss, or the expensive legal fees and potential judgement resulting from a liability lawsuit? As a landlord, you may have concerns about the special risks you face, and for good reason. You have a lot invested in your building, and you probably don’t want to risk losing it. That’s why getting the right insurance protection is so important.

A Ken Hein Insurance Agency Landlords Package Policy Could Be Just Right for You 
If you own a one- through four-family building which is used exclusively for residential rental purposes, you could be eligible to purchase the Landlords Package Policy. This policy can help protect your building and personal property from covered losses, and can help provide reimbursement for legal fees or lost rental income, as provided in the policy.

Personalize Your Landlords Insurance Protection with These Options

For additional premium amounts, you can expand your landlords protection with the following coverage options and increased limits:

Coverage Options Available

  • Satellite Dish Antennas and Systems
  • Burglary Coverage
  • Building Codes
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Loss Assessments
  • Vandalism Coverage

Increased Limits Aveilable

  • Personal Property
  • Liability Protection
  • Other Structures on Premises

You May Be Able to Save Money on Your Premium

Ken Hein Insurance Agency has discounts available that could help you save money on your premium. Ask if you qualify for the following discounts:

  • New or Renovated Building Discount
  • Fire Resistive Discount
  • Protective Device Discount

Discounts are subject to availability and qualifications. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply.

Whether your residential rental building is a four-flat in the city, a duplex in the suburbs, or a single-family home in the country, quality Landlords Insurance may be just right for you!

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