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Mobile Home Insurance

What Should I Consider?

Just like any other homeowner, you need to consider protecting your home, your personal property, and yourself from liability. Mobile Home owners have some special considerations too.

Some things to consider...

Your Home
  • What type of coverage is right for me? Replacement cost? Actual Cash Value?
  • Is there any special coverage I can get for fire department charges, since my home isn’t serviced by or located near one?
  • What kind of coverage can I get to help with the cost of moving my mobile home to a safer location if an oncoming fire or other covered peril threatens it?
  • When should I first begin my coverage if my home is being transported?
  • Should I purchase flood insurance?
Your Property
  • What would it cost to replace the contents of my home?
  • Do I have an inventory and photographs of my personal possessions?
  • How can I personalize my policy with extended coverage  for jewelry and radio or television antennas?
You and Your Guests
  • Does my policy come with liability coverage like a standard home insurance policy?
  • Will my guests’ medical expenses be covered if they’re accidentally injured on my property?
  • Do I need or have reimbursement for additional living expenses if I can’t live in my mobile home due to a loss?
Your Money
  • How will the coverage limits and deductibles I choose affect my premium?
  • What discounts are available to Mobile Home owners?
  • How can I make my home safer and possibly save money?


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