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Car & Truck Insurance

There’s a lot to know about auto insurance
Auto insurance can help protect you, your family and your car. Auto insurance can help you restore your assets if they’re lost or damaged. It can also help protect you in the event of a lawsuit. All of which can mean greater peace of mind for you.

Your Choice Auto Insurance
Accident Forgiveness
After an accident, insurance rates can rise by up to 40%. But with this feature, your rates won’t go up just because of an accident, even if it is your fault
Multiple accidents immediate coverage
Single accidents immediate coverage
After 5 years for eligible customers
Deductible Rewards
With this feature, you’ll get $100 off your collision deductible the day you sign up. Then, for every year you don’t have an accident, you’ll get an additional $100 off. Up to $500 total
Safe Driver Bonus
For every six months of accident-free driving, you have the opportunity to earn an added bonus of up to 5% that can be applied to your next renewal premium. This is in addition to any other discounts you qualify for.
New Car Replacement
If your new car is totaled in a covered loss, this feature can help you replace it with another car of the same make and model.
Easy Pay Plan
Enjoy the convenience of automatic bill payment.

Your Choice Auto Insurance 
The Ken Hein Insurance Agency has developed a better, more affordable way to help keep safe drivers covered and rewarded.  Accidents happen – we understand.  We also understand you deserve something back when they don’t.  Now it’s time you get the auto insurance you’ve always wanted. The auto insurance features listed in the chart above are available in many states and provide greater choices and the rewards you deserve – from day one and at an affordable rate. 

Car Insurance Coverage Options
Depending on your situation, your car insurance coverage needs will vary. Whether you’re buying a new car or adding your teenager to your car insurance policy, we have auto insurance coverage options that can help provide the liability, property and injury protections that are right for you. And, if you drive a safe car or if your teenager has good grades, you may even qualify for our auto insurance discounts.

Learn more about how your needs vary and what your auto insurance coverage options are, and then contact us for a quote.


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